New WAR Zone Preview - High Pass

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Taking the High Pass...

In the latest Warhammer Online offering from Ten Ton Hammer's very own Ratboy, we have the description for the new zone of High Pass. With images and official description from EA our new Zone page is ready for viewing.

Northernmost of the passes that cross the Worlds Edge
Mountains, High Pass might well be the most treacherous. An ambitious
tradesman traveling the Skull Road from Praag to the lands east of the
Pass will have to contend with all manner of dangers. If the dreaded
beasts of the northern mountains aren't trouble enough, there's the
numbing cold, blinding blizzards, lashing winds and sudden avalanches.

All this and plenty more to feast your eyes on regarding what's sure to be a blockbuster in at the Ten Ton Hammer - Warhammer Online community site!

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