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Posted Wed, Mar 17, 2010 by Ethec

Vindictus is a class-based game, though to give you some idea of how early a reveal Nexon treated us to, the classes don’t have English names quite yet. We saw a dual wielding class, a lance and shield class (the lance extending and distending like an old fashioned radio antenna out of combat, which was very cool), and a mage / healing class. Players do battle with fomors – sea monsters in Celtic mythology, but in Vindictus a fomor is pretty much everything non-human and under Morrigan’s curse. As exampled, Kim showed several enemies including a giant tremors-esque toothed worm, a variety of undead, and one huge polar bear. The last was exemplified as one of Vindictus’s tougher multi-stage fights involving harpoon spearguns, attaching chains to limit its mobility, and a final frantic melee stage to end the fight.

Evy, decked out in Mage gear, has become one of the more popular characters in Korea.

The game features loads of character customization options and armor, which wouldn’t bear stating nowadays except that the characters look so good. Right now, DevCat and Nexon have no plans to have player vs. player in the game; Vindictus is all PvE. Session length will range from fifteen minutes to an hour, and crafting weapons and equipment from components taken as loot is a major part of the game. And in a rare move, DevCat is opting to bring Vindictus to the West before the game is released in China. “DevCat studios believes that the US is the holy grail, and they think this is the game to do it.” Kim explained. “We think this is going to change the way people look at free-to-play games.”

Look for Vinductus in Summer 2010, and thanks to Nexon and Min Kim for showing the game to Ten Ton Hammer at GDC 2010.


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