Star Trek Online: Guide to Gear Bonuses

Posted Tue, Mar 23, 2010 by Medeor

Gathering up loot is great, trying to figure out what all of the Star Trek Online shorthand means isn’t. One of the first things players notice in the game is the bracketed gear bonuses that trail behind the better armor, weapons and kits. 

The letters in the brackets sometimes make perfect sense. For example “[HP]” is rather intuitive for longtime MMOG players and can be recognized for improving health. Many others aren’t so user friendly (can you guess what [CrtH] might be? Answers are below).

Today we provide some decryption for those gear codes and discuss the best bonuses for different careers in the Star Trek Online: Guide to Gear Bonuses


The Undine are back and they’re conflict will be the key focus in Season 9 of STO next month.

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Pick your poison. It seems like many games want your attention this weekend and they’re hosting an assortment of events to get it.

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Perfect World brings Mac players into the fold to aid in the conflict between the Federation and Klingon Empire.

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Star Trek Online’s XP skill point gains go to warp for a weekend of bonuses and Fleet Project reruns.

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