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Champions Online: Postcards from Vibora Bay

Posted Fri, Mar 26, 2010 by jeffprime

So, new to Vibora Bay, eh? Well, Gator Johnson is your man then. I’ll be glad to show you around our magical city and we’ll catch all the sights from the Cypress Grove Cemetery to the Boardwalk. Just trust ol’ Gator to show you the real Vibora Bay

You’re looking at historic High Apostolic Church, one of the landmarks of Vibora Bay. I always get a weird feeling about the place. You know, the feeling like something ain’t exactly right? There’s been a legend that some evil being is trapped beneath the church. Some creature named Therakiel or something like that. Probably nothing, though. Most likely, some good ol’ boys had too much moonshine back in the day and started seeing things.

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