Fallen Earth Devs Unveil the Future of Mobile MMOG Interaction at PAX East 2010

On a frigid Saturday morning at PAX East 2010 in Boston this weekend, Team Hammer made its way to the Sheraton Hotel for what ended u

On a frigid Saturday morning at PAX East 2010 in Boston this weekend, Team Hammer made its way to the Sheraton Hotel for what ended up being one of the standout presentations from the three day event. Removed from the noise and controlled chaos of the main exhibition space for the show, we met up with members of the Fallen Earth team to take a look at what I believe could have a significant impact on the way we interact with MMOGs moving forward, not to mention inspire a mountain of envy among their peers.

Innovative, impressive, ingenious; whichever "I" word you use to describe it, all I know is that I want it and soon just about every MMOG player with access to a smart phone is going to want it too. I'm talking, of course, about the Fallen Earth iPhone App which will no doubt usher in a new era for the industry in terms of the options it will provide for interacting with and even advancing our characters in meaningful ways, all while on the go. The ability to queue up new crafting recipes, play the in-game market, chat with other players and even send and receive in-game mail (including attached items or chips) are all par for the course with this new app, and that's just scratching the surface of what players will be able to do once it's made available in Q2 of this year.

Associate Project Manager Dave Haydysch spent some time with Ten Ton Hammer to walk us through the app's extensive list of features which includes:

  • Craft Items: View available recipes, queue up new recipes and check progress of those currently active.

  • Visit the Auction House: Buy, sell and browse items with full access to the Auction House.

  • Check Your In-Game Mailbox: Send and receive in-game mail, items and/or chips to and from other players.

  • View Online Friends: View clan mates or friends lists to see who is online and socialize with other players.

  • Chat with Other Online Players: Chat with several different channels, such as Help, Clan and Region.

  • Examine Characters and Stats: Switch between characters and view your currently equipped gear, stats, pack and weapons.

  • Access the World Map: Open a full overview map of each of the three Sectors.

The app will also be available on more than just the iPhone, so whichever flavor of smart phone you prefer - including the Blackberry, Droid and more - you'll be able to access each of the things listed above through the new app. The interaction between elements is also incredibly cool. For example, if you want to queue up a new crafting recipe the interface will show you how many of each component you currently have in your inventory and even allow you to purchase the ones you're missing from the in-game auction house. Any items you've created can also be collected and added to your pack, and from there mailed to other players or placed on the market should you so desire.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the virtual pudding and Dave was eager to show us the Fallen Earth app in action, so be sure to check out the video below to see how it all works.


Continue reading for a close up look at each of the Fallen Earth app's features on the next page!

The Fallen Earth iPhone Application

After launching the app, players can log in using the same credentials as their normal Fallen Earth account. From there you can select which function you want to access and each current character on the account.
Once logged in, players can see the current items in their pack, and even bring up the full details for each item.
The stats screens will show you both an overview and details on each of your character's stats.
The Gear screen will show you all of your character's equipped items using in-game assets, and lets you bring up the details on each individual item.
Similar to the Gear screen, the Weapons screen will display the same type of in-game UI and allow you to check out the details for each item.
Players can view and sort recipe lists and even  queue up or collect crafted items which will show up in their character's pack.
View, sort, create or collect auctions bringing the ability to play the market to a whole new level.
Players can view friends and clan lists, and even chat with them in-game.
Emailing other in-game characters is also an option, complete with the ability to attach or collect items or chips.
Players can also pull up the same Sector maps you'd see in-game.
Last but certainly not least, the Fallen Earth app features a help section which provides a quick means of learning how it all works.

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