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Warhammer "Producer's Letter" Offers a look at Update 1.3.5

Posted Thu, Apr 01, 2010 by Martuk

Warhammer Online Producer Carrie Gouskos has posted a new "Producer's Letter" to update the community on post-1.3.4 update progress and offer a look at things to come in the 1.3.5 update. According to Gouskos, the team is happy with the Scenario streamlining from the 1.3.4 update, but they are still working on a solution for players who join a Scenario and go AFK, leaving their team short-handed. However, the 1.3.5 update is bringing new improvements to the armor tint system to allow colors to brighter and less murky.

We have changed the process by which armors are dyed.  As a result, this improves how armor appears once it’s tinted, and also improves its overall fidelity. Fidelity refers to the accuracy of the texture map after a tint has been applied.  Compression artifacting (all that muddy-looking stuff) is significantly decreased, and borders between colors now remain sharp and clear. 

Click here to read the full letter.

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