LOTRO: Ultimate Newbie Guide Pt 5

Posted Thu, Jun 07, 2007 by LadySirse

Ultimate Newbie Guide Pt 5: Grouping 101

The latest chapter of our massive Ultimate Newbie Guide tackles one of the most important parts of MMORPGs: grouping (or fellowships, as the case may be)! If there's only one chapter of the Ultimate Newbie Guide that new players should read and understand, it's probably this one.
Sure, this game is very friendly to solo players (people who choose to play by themselves). But what's the fun in that? Chances are good that if you're playing a massively multi-player game, sooner or later you'll want (or need) to group up with other players. We'll talk about how you do that, what it involves, and how to make sure that people will want to play with you again in this section.
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