PoxNora Q&A with Tony “RadarX” Jones

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Tony 'RadarX' Jones is Community Manager for PoxNora, a turn-based online multiplayer strategy game developed by Sony Online Entertainment's (SOE) Tucson Studio. He is responsible for communicating player feedback and getting the word out about the game and the many features it has to offer players, including the recent Facebook launch of PoxNora, making it SOE's first Facebook game. Ten Ton Hammer recently caught up with Tony Jones to talk about the game's newest expansion and its launch on Facebook.

The reception to the Facebook portal has been quite remarkable.  Inside Social Games identified us as one of the top 15 fastest growing Facebook games two weeks in a row.  We’re seeing a wave of new players trying out PoxNora, which is very exciting.  As a company, we are providing as much support as we can for the Facebook community including giving away a free battlegroup just for registering.

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