Daily Tip:Titans and supercarriers cannot dock in stations, and so cannot be traded via contracts or direct trade. The only way to reliably transfer them is with a trusted third party.

An Introduction To Tackling In EVE Online - Page 2

Posted Wed, Apr 07, 2010 by Space Junkie

Resistance To Tackling

The Warp Core Stabilizer I is the most common way to resist being tacked. A ship with this module fit will be able to warp, even with a warp disruptor on it. A ship with two "WCS" as they are often abbreviated, will be able to warp despite being affected by two warp disruptors or a single warp scrambler. Unfortunately, this module was over-used on combat ships in times past, and now suffers from crippling drawbacks: any ship fitting one will have blach blach. This means that it is unsuitable for use on any ship that needs to lock its opponent. The module retains use for ships that are intended to avoid combat (like industrials) or that do not need to lock (like ships using smart bomb and some drone-using ships).

Some ships have an inherent resistance to tackling: titans and supercarriers can't be tackled by normal means, at all, while Skiff's automatically have two points of warp resistance, as though they had two WCS modules fit. Still others (like the vagabond) rely on being able to kill or outdistance any ships capable of tackling them. Lastly, some ships will attempt to use electronic warfare to limit your ability to effectively use your tackling modules.

Tackling With A Frigate

The most basic sort of tackling is orbiting a slow ship with a small, fast frigate (or tech two version of a frigate) and using a warp disruptor or scrambler to keep it from warping off, possibly with the addition of a web. Your small size and fast speed make it difficult for larger ships to hit you, especially if you're up close. The down side of being too close (read: within scrambler range) is that your target may return fire with energy neutralizers, smart bombs, or use a stasis webifier to slow you down for long enough to blow you out of the sky.

As with all things PvP, practice makes perfect. Even old players dipping their feet into the PvP pool can expect to lose a few proverbial toes, and new players all the more. Luckily, tackling frigates are dirt cheap. The tech one frigates from each race that I recommend to use for tackling are:

  • Amarr: Executioner.
  • Caldari: Merlin.
  • Gallente: Incursus.
  • Minmatar: Rifter.

Not all of these are equal, mind. The Rifter is probably the best at this, while the Merlin is a tad geriatric. None of these is going to be able to fight in low-sec within range of sentry guns, unless you have a war active. All of them will die if they hold still long enough for a larger ship to breath on them. Remember: all that matters is that your target can't leave. If you get blown up but he also dies, you will probably come out ahead in the ISK department.

Pulling It Together

The best way to learn how to tackle is to tag along with people that know what they're doing, and try to tackle for them. You hold the bad guys down, and they will blow them up. It's an essential role, and gives you a good basis for understanding how PvP works in EVE Online. Future articles will deal more with the fine art of tackling, which is one of the deeper fields of study in EVE Online.

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