SOE Previews New Halas Housing for EverQuest 2

By Stacy Jones -

The popular barbarian homeland of Halas is returning to EverQuest 2 and this week Sony Online Entertainment is offering a preview of Halas with a look at new Halas housing. Andres Rodriguez, the artist responsible for designing the new housing, joined the team to answer a few questions about the upcoming content and what sort of inspiration went into creating the new housing area in Halas.

We were trying to give the housing in New Halas a very warm and inviting feel to contrast with the cold climate of the region. To do this, we decided to use a lot of wood and barbarian elements in the design of the houses. So the houses have a slight cabin feel to it with subtle barbarian elements and trims in it, to let the players use this space in any way they want. IÂ’m always excited to see what players create within their homes!

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