Craft of Gods Launches Server Naming Contest

Posted Tue, May 11, 2010 by Martuk

Craft of Gods is rapidly approaching its May 27th launch date and the developers have launched a new contest to fit in one last piece of the puzzle. The server still needs to be named and here is your chance to name it. If your name is selected, you will win a special Craft of Gods client package for 3 friends. Each player can submit one name and post it to the contest thread before May 19th, 2010. At the end of that time, GMs will pick five names from the bunch and add a poll to the forums to be voted on to become the official server name. There are a few rules for submissions:

  • Any player can propose only 1 Name
  • Name should be an unique word
  • Not allowed any name referring to politics, sex, drugs, violence, religions
  • Name must be in latin characters
  • Name should be based on Slavic mythology

Do you have a name in mind? Submit it and try your hand at picking the name of the Craft of Gods server.


Craft of Gods recently launched a new free-to-play server for players that

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