SWTOR Reveals New Species and Advanced Classes

Updated Thu, May 13, 2010 by Martuk

BioWare has revealed a new playable species for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). In a recent hands-on with The Galactic Struggle, it was learned that the Ratataki are a playable race in The Old Republic. The Galactic Struggle also got to experience some of the story within the game and while the author wasn't initially all that excited about the story before having the chance to play it, once in-game they were impressed by what they saw.

Personally, one of the biggest surprises was the ’story’. Like some of you, I really didn’t give a rats ass about story as I just wanted to get in to the action and play the ’story’ out myself by actually playing the game. However, once I sat down and the NPC (non player controlled) characters I was interacting with started to speak to me, I suddenly found myself actually CARING about the story and the decisions that I made.

That wasn't the only SWTOR news to surface today. Eurogamer also had the chance to get some new information about Advanced Classes. Each class will split off into two specialized Advanced Classes that players can choose from. The first classes revealed were the Sith Warrior with the Juggernaut, a tough damage-soaking tank class and the Marauder, who channels rage to maximize DPS. The Advanced Classes expands the SWTOR career options to 16, so players will have plenty to choose from.


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