Achievements, Apps and Beyond - An Exclusive Fallen Earth VIP Interview

By Reuben Waters -

For our latest VIP outing, Ten Ton Hammer recently paid a visit to Icarus Studios to speak with the devs behind the post-apocalyptic powerhouse, Fallen Earth. Joining us for the interview were Senior Game Designer Marie Croall, Lead Environment Artist Cory Farris, Lead Scripter Michael Broadwater, Marketing Manager Jessica Orr and last but certainly not least, Media Specialist Tricia Jenkins. With an all star lineup like that, you know this is one VIP interview you won't want to miss!

Premium membership at Ten Ton Hammer is definitely packed with some awesome perks. One of the most popular among them is our exclusive VIP Interview series where we let our members strap on their interview caps and provide us with questions for the devs of their favorite MMOGs. The following interview consists of questions submitted by Ten Ton Hammer readers with additional questions provided by resident wastelander Reuben "Sardu" Waters.

Premium Member Rocqu asked: Now that the Blood Sports update is set for release, what's next for Fallen Earth?

Marie Croall: Assault! After that feature-wise, there are a couple of things on the table. At this point we do sort of get the opportunity to sort of look at all the features we had planned and figure out what is best for us. There are a couple of things that would be easier to implement that I think would be really fast and would be really easy to do with the team we have. Something that might rhyme with “fast travel” could be on the table, so something along those lines that's a system that we have a lot of the tools in place for.

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