StarCraft II - Terran Vehicles In-Depth Stats and Strategy

Posted Tue, May 18, 2010 by Stow

Nothing is more fearsome than the rolling thunder of Siege Tanks and Thors in StarCraft II. But the Terrans have to use more than a simple attack-move command in order to make the most of their steel behemoths, and that's what we cover here. With so many counters to armored units, how can the Terran factory units survive?

It's extremely important to protect these from air raiding. Mutalisks and Phoenixes love tanks. Phoenixes can even pick up your siege tanks when in siege mode. And since these units have to come in packs to do any damage, and are light units, we have this next bad boy to assist in the matter... THOR IS HERE

Go into Siege Mode here!

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