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Making Hulks In EVE Online, Part 1: Inventing Hulk BPCs - Page 3

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Part Four: Considering Decryptors

The decryptors used with Gallente invention jobs and their associated statistics are as follows:

  • Symbiotic Figures: -40% invention chance, +9 BPC runs, -2 material efficiency, +1 production efficiency.
  • Engagement Plan: no change to invention chance, +2 BPC runs, -1 material efficiency, +4 production efficiency.
  • Collision Measurements: +10% invention chance, no modification to BPC runs, +3 material efficiency, +3 production efficiency.
  • Test Reports: +20% invention chance, +1 BPC runs, +2 material efficiency, +5 production efficiency.
  • Stolen Formulas: +80% invention chance, +4 BPC runs, -1 material efficiency, +2 production efficiency.

The modifications are to what are normally a 1-run, material efficiency -4, production efficiency -4 product BPC. For instance, successful invention job that uses a collision measurements decyptor will have a modified material eafficiency of -1.

EVE Online

The Hulk blueprints that you invent can be sold for profit or used to make hulks for yourself.

The price of various decryptors change constantly, especially if tech two ship balance is modified. Right now, Gallente are probably the least popular class of tech two ship, meaning that the decryptors are fairly cheap. If Gallente ships ever receive some kind of across the board buff, these prices will increase.

  • Symbiotic Figures - 8mil
  • Engagement Plan - 6.5mil
  • Collision Measurements - 4mil
  • Test Reports - 14.9mil
  • Stolen Formulas - 37.8mil

Note that when using a decryptor whose successful invention jobs would produce a BPC with more than one run, the blueprint copy used as an ingredient in the invention job must have the maximum number of runs allowed for the blueprint type, or the resulting BPC produced will have less runs than it otherwise ought. This is a huge waste of ISK and time, so if you don't want to use max-run BPCs as an ingredient, you should use collision measurement decryptors (that do not modify the runs produced) or forgo decryptors entirely.

In the case of covetor BPCs, the maximum number of runs per copy is 10. The cost per 10-run covetor BPC can vary a bit, but it is usually about 10-11mil, apiece.

Part Five: Decryptor Profit Math

For figuring out the price of an invented ship BPC with a decryptor and/or multiple runs, the formula is:

  • ((Ship BPC Cost + Total Datacore Cost + Decryptor Cost) / Blueprint Runs) / Success Chance = Cost Per Invented BPC Run

Be warned that you must weigh any savings from more numerous blueprint copies against the cost of an inferior material efficiency, the more expensive blueprint copies, and the cost of the decryptors used.

As an example of using a decryptor, the formula for using Collision Measurements is as follows:

  • ((1mil + 4.76mil + 4mil) / 1 ) / .2654 = 36.77mil per 1-run BPC

Obviously, a higher cost per BPC is undesirable, but the resulting blueprint has a -1 material efficiency rather than -4, which may save enough ISK to make using it worthwhile. We'll come back to this part, in the second half of this guide.

Potential Pitfalls

If the supply of covetor BPCs on the contracts market dries up, your project necessarily goes on hold. It is also possible that you may have trouble finding buyers for your blueprints, because the competition can be pretty fierce. You can sidestep these by buying your covetor BPCs in bulk, by selling the hulk BPCs you invent in the "Blueprints" in-game chat channel, or by using the blueprints yourself rather than selling them.

This last option will be covered in detail in the second half of this guide. Thanks for reading, sorry that the math is counter-intuitive, and good luck with your invention business!

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