WoW UI mod review – Parrot

Updated Mon, May 24, 2010 by Messiah

Long ago there was very little floating combat text in World of Warcraft, but then Blizzard implemented its own version of the several available and popular scrolling combat text addons and included it in the default UI. Several scrolling text addons still exist out there that further improve on what Blizzard implemented. Parrot is one of the many popular ones out there, but with the base UI already having something existing, is it worth adding to it?

One of the really great things that Parrot allows you to do is to create triggered events based on conditions. These events can pop up messages, play sounds or both and are fairly easy to set up. Common triggered events are for when periodic abilities proc such as Eclipse for Balance Druids and Nightfall for Warlocks.

You can read all about this addon in our WoW UI mod review – Parrot.

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