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Making Hulks In EVE Online, Part 2: Manufacturing Hulks - Page 2

Posted Wed, Jun 02, 2010 by Space Junkie

Hulk Ingredient Cost Breakdown

Consider this breakdown on Hulk construction costs (again, assuming -4 blueprint material efficiency and Production Efficiency V trained):

EVE Online

Viewing the total cost of each part will help you identify where saving on costs will be the most effective.

Since most of the costs are from Photon Microprocessors, it is likely that you can save the most ISK by making those yourself. Likewise, you may also wish to manufacture your own Covetor hulls, Oscillator Capacitor Units, and Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plates. The reasons that I do not recommend manufacturing every part yourself are twofold: first, each tech two component blueprint costs 10mil ISK and takes specialized skills to research. Second, the manufacturing time required to produce all of these items is intense, and requires the acquisition of many different advanced moon materials with very competitive markets. In the interests of not having to mind too many Jita buy orders at once, it is probably better to focus your attentions on where the profits are easiest.

Sample Cost-Cutting: Photon Microprocessors

Each hulk that you make is going to require 3,000 Photon Microprocessors. The market cost of this particular tech two component runs at about 2,500 ISK more than the production cost, per unit. This means that if you produce them yourself, rather than buy them off the market, you save around 7.5mil ISK per hulk that you manufacture. Pretty darn significant.

The drawback is that to make Photon Microprocessors to supply a business necessarily requires a 10mil ISK blueprint original. Researching that blueprint original is a pain, too, requiring Metallurgy V to be trained. I truly advise against training this painful skill. Rather you should check the contracts market and the in-game blueprints channel to try and find a pre-researched blueprint for sale.

Fortunately, Metallurgy V is not required to manufacture with the blueprint. Unfortunately, Electronic Engineering III is. That's another 10mil ISK skill.

Each Photon Microprocessor requires the following ingredients:

  • Crystalline Carbonide 12
  • Nanotransistors 5
  • Phenolic Composites 1

These are obtained easily enough via in Jita, and buy orders are often filled by moon reaction industrialists looking to dump their stockpiles. Unlike many of the tech two components that they are manufactured into, these are competitively priced and tend to cost whatever their "real" value is, more or less.

This process may be repeated for Oscillator Capacitor Units (requiring Electromagnetic Physics III), Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plates (requiring Molecular Science III), or any other component that you think could give significant savings when produced in-house.

Other Ways To Cut Costs For Your Bottom Line

R.A.M. - Starship Tech blueprints are easily purchased, researched, and manufactured, without onerous skills or lengthy manufacturing times as factors.

Construction blocks can be purchased for much cheaper outside of Jita than in it, so you may want to consider a bulk purchase. Once the Tyrannis expansion is fully implemented, you may also want to consider manufacturing them on planets, rather than buying them.

Morphite is best obtained via buy orders in Jita or, if you are fortunate enough to live in a Mercoxit-asteroid-rich area of null-sec space, you can mine them yourself or buy them from someone that does. You may even be able to work out a trade where you give them a hulk hull in exchange for its value in Morphite.

You should always strive to obtain your ingredients via buy orders, especially with the ingredients that make up the most significant portion of your costs. It helps if you have a good idea of what your material needs are, ahead of time, and so can put your buy orders up sooner, rather than later.

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