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Making Hulks In EVE Online, Part 2: Manufacturing Hulks - Page 3

Posted Wed, Jun 02, 2010 by Space Junkie

Part Three: The Mathematics Of Profit

Assuming that you cut costs on the Photon Microprocessors as described above, you are looking at a total materials cost of about 103mil, per hulk produced. Your hulks will probably cost a good amount less than this, depending on what other cost-saving measures you decide to use.

In part one of this guide, we saw that inventing a 1-run hulk blueprint with material efficiency -4 cost about 23.87mil ISK. In total, that means that making a hulk costs around 127.55mil ISK per hull. Since they retail in Jita at about 132.5mil ISK a pop, you're looking at a solid 5mil ISK profit per hull. Not amazing, but then again any cost-cutting measures that you enact will be pure profit.

Decryptors: A Superior Profit Model

EVE Online

Manufacturing hulks turns a profit even if you use blueprints with poor material efficiency.

Using decryptors to get a better blueprint material efficiency than -4 can pay dividends, as well. According to my math in the first part of this article, using Collision Measurements to produce a -1 ME BPC costs 36.77mil ISK, but reduces the total material costs to 85.87mil ISK per unit. This means that the Hulks produced will cost 123.14mil ISK per unit. Definitely more cost effective than raw invention.

Using ME -1 BPCs, buy orders, my own POS reactions, and my own component blueprints, I have been able to get the cost of production of my hulk hulls down to about 78mil per unit, for a total cost of 114.77mil ISK per hull, meaning a profit of about 17.73mil ISK per unit sold on Jita retail. Very, very nice.

If you can maintain a steady supply of max-run covetor blueprints to invent with, you will probably want to look at the profitability of inventing with other decryptors and their various ME and numbers of extra runs.

For your reference, hulks made with -1 ME and Production Efficiency V trained require the following materials:

  • Base Hull
    • Covetor x1
  • Tech Two Components
    • Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate x2400
    • Fusion Reactor Unit x36
    • Ion Thruster x48
    • Magnetometic Sensor Cluster x180
    • Oscillator Capacitor Unit x480
    • Photon Microprocessor x2400
    • Pulse Shield Emitter x180
  • Etc
    • R.A.M. - Starship Tech x10
    • Construction Blocks x60
    • Morphite x86


So that's that. If it seems complicated, you may want to print it out and highlight particular areas, which has always helped me with EVE Online's more convoluted processes. Good luck with your business, and happy mining!

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