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One Man Stealth Bomber Gate Camps In EVE Online - Page 2

Posted Mon, Jun 07, 2010 by Space Junkie

The Gank

In your well fit stealth bomber (one that doesn't use bombs) you can wait at the edge of your bubble for something juicy to get stuck. There are always incautious people blundering around space. If you think you can kill something, decloak and blow it up. If not, remain cloaked.

What can you kill by yourself? With great confidence, you can kill any industrial, many tech one frigates, some of the slower tech one cruisers, and under some circumstances you can even kill a battleship (though this would usually require NPC ships to be shooting it as well, and for it to be poorly fitted). You need to watch out for drones, and always try and orbit your target at as fast a speed as possible.

EVE Online

With rare exceptions, a ship within a "bubble" is helpless until it escapes.

For God's sake, never engage a heavy assault cruiser or recon, they'll blow you out of the water. Be sure to pay attention to your damage type and whether or not it is likely to be useful against your target (for example, a Purifier using Mjolnir Torpedoes will likely do good damage against Caldari targets).

Extra Snippets

A small mobile warp disruptor I takes two minutes to anchor and turn on. You do not need to be decloaked while this is occurring, nor even in the same system. Drop the bubble. Right click, anchor it, and recloak as quickly as possible.

If you leave a small or medium secure container floating in space at exactly the point where people tend to get stuck in your bubble, it may decloak people or prevent them from re-cloaking.

The beauty of using a stealth bomber is that you have absolute control over whether to engage in a battle or not. If a target looks dangerous, you don't need to risk anything except your 700k ISK mobile disruptor. Remember: EVE Online favors the patient and cautious.

Many or perhaps even most tech three cruisers are capable of warping out of a bubble, no questions asked.

If you make a bookmark somewhere in warp between two objects, you can warp back to it and drop a Medium Secure Container (or larger, if you swap out ships). Once it is anchored, you can use it to store extra mobile disruptors or loot. That way you don't have to worry about carrying them around and so forth. Be warned: you must access a container at least once every thirty days or it will be destroyed.

You will eventually get blown up. Resign yourself to it. As always, think of it as a learning experience. What did you do wrong? Did you engage something that you should not have? Did you not keep an eye out for traps?

Counter-ambushes or defense fleets are a very real possibility. If you blow somebody up, and they come through the same area in a vulnerable seeming ship for a second time, it is very likely an attempt to trick you into decloaking for long enough to kill you. Try to remember names and ship types as they pass by your area.

This same technique can be done with any ship that can cloak, though recons are perhaps the best non-bomber option. Ships like the Rapier, Arazu, and so forth, are all excellent, though they have a delay of several seconds when decloaking, during which time they cannot lock any targets. Depending on how frisky you feel, you may want to ram your target ship with an 'approach' command during that time, to keep it in the bubble's radius.


That's it for this guide. See you soon!

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