WoW Machinima - Who's the Tank?

Posted Tue, Jun 08, 2010 by Mem

If you live on this planet you’ve probably seen or heard of Abbott and Costello’s classic skit “Who’s on First?“. Sure to get some laughs every time it’s watched, this classic is indeed pure comic gold. Thanks to the combined efforts of Mike Davis and Mike Schroeder “Who’s on First?” has been given a fresh new face. Entitled “Who’s the Tank” Davis and Schroeder attempt to revitalize this classic for a new generation by introducing World of Warcraft into the mix. Will this combination of forces have you laughing your socks off, or will it leave you lamenting the destruction of a classic?

This comedy masterpiece will go down in history as one of the best comedic works of all time, and so it was a great risk when Mike Davis and Mike Schroeder undertook the challenge of reworking this classic as a WoW machinima. Much like most movies based on books fail to live up to their predecessors, I had little hope that this remake would do the original justice. Mike and Mike were either going to experience great success or utter failure with no grey area in between.

Find out in Mem’s review of “Who’s the Tank?”

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