GamersFirst Reaffirms Commitment to Privacy Amidst Blizzard's RealID Controversy

By Stacy Jones -

Blizzard's announcement of the RealID system has generated quite a bit of controversy in the gaming community. While Blizzards intentions of generating more constructive discussion and making players own up to their comments may be noble, it does come with a bit of risk and some people are quick to point that out. Blizzard employee Micah Whipple posted his name in a Blizzard thread and one poster on WoWRiot took advantage of that post to dredge up plenty of alleged information about Mr. Whipple.

Given the controversy surrounding this topic, it was only a matter of time before other developers stepped in to offer players a gaming home on the platform of security. GamersFirst has stepped in to reaffirm its commitment to keeping their gamers real identities safe from public view, ensuring the anonymity of trolls everywhere. All jokes aside, the Blizzard controversy with RealID is not over yet as there are plenty of concerns to be addressed with the system and I'm sure we will see more developers take a stance on privacy.

After reports earlier this week regarding Blizzard’s mandatory implementation of Real ID on game forums; GamersFirst continues to welcome free exchange of ideas on forums while preserving the privacy of gamers' real identities and offering solutions for gamers suffering from the recent ‘identity crisis’.

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