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Updated Mon, Aug 09, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

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are undeniably an important part of any game we play. Sure, a game doesn't need great graphics to be fun. But it sure is nice to have.

With the wide spectrum of different types of PCs and laptops MMO gamers play their games on, it has become increasingly difficult for developing companies to make a game that not only looks great on any machine, but also runs smoothly.

More companies are approaching a stylized approach to their graphics, turning away from the photo-realism that was one day the ultimate goal. Now we get great graphics that don't kill our machines and are as lush, vivid and inspired as anything you'd see in any other medium.

This was another category for which we had a lot of choices to make. There are some really great looking games coming up. But we had to select just one.

So this year's Ten Ton Hammer Best Graphics of E3 Award goes to...

(Trion Worlds)

Runners Up:

DC Universe Online (Sony Online Entertainment)
Rift: Planes of Telara (Trion Worlds)
The Agency (Sony Online Entertainment)
Not only is End of Nations breaking new ground by offering the first true MMORTS experience to gamers, but it has some of the most impressive graphics this side of the MMO looking glass. In fact, End of Nations is one of those rare games where the awe inspiring graphics you see in the trailers are exactly what awaits you while playing. Trion Worlds is clearly onto something big with this title, and we certainly can’t wait to see more.

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