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Updated Mon, Aug 09, 2010 by B. de la Durantaye

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is what progresses the MMOG genre.

You cannot fake innovation. You can try with cheap gimmicks, but those tricks will be pretty transparent.

No, for true innovation you have to put a lot of thought behind your work. You need something that is not only new but something, that when the game launches, the whole world shouts: "of course!" It needs to be beautiful in its simplicity and wonderful in its playability.

That's no easy feat.

There were a handful of developing companies that impressed us with their innovative ideas at E3 this year. Their ideas were fresh, exciting, and genius.

The Ten Ton Hammer E3 2010 Award for Most Innovative Game goes to...


Runner Up:

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (Atari Eden Games)
In our E3 video, LEGO Universe Creative Director Ryan Seabury's stated goal for the Builds and Behaviors system revealed at E3 2010 is that someday players will be able to create an MMOG inside their MMOG. It's one thing to make a claim like that, but when you see the tools in action, Seabury's claims seem not just possible, but imminent. User generated content has been done before, but never with this kind of design flexibility on this big of a stage. LEGO Universe's biggest innovation might be an endgame that's limited not by loot or leaderboards, but only by your imagination.

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