Official Partnership News from SOE and PotBS

Pirates Find New Flag to Sail Under

Flying Lab Software and their flagship MMOG title, Pirates of the Burning Sea, have officially announced that they have partnered with Sony Online Entertainment's Platform Publishing label to publish, market, and distribute the upcoming high seas title. Although the news was leaked last night on the Pirates of the Burning Sea dev journals, the announcement is still a monumental move for SOE and Flying Labs.

“Platform Publishing and SOE possess a level of expertise and success in sales, marketing and distribution that makes them the perfect co-publisher for Pirates of the Burning Sea,” said Russell Williams, CEO, Flying Lab Software LLC. “This relationship will allow us their world-class expertise in marketing, distribution, and billing so we can focus on developing an amazing swashbuckling adventure for the pirate in all of us -- and building a community of players who will live that life for years to come.”

Along with the announcement, the Pirates of the Burning Sea team has released seven screenshots that the Ten Ton Hammer team has hosted for public viewing. Click here to view the contents!

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