LotRO Developer Diary Details Enedwaith

By Stacy Jones -

The Lord of the Rings Online will venture further south this fall into the lands of Enedwaith with Volume 3: Book 2. The region just north of Dunland has a variety of themes and in a new developer diary, Jonathan “Berephon” Rudder discusses the design of the new region and some of the subtle changes that have been made to help along the story of the game. For example, there are more than 30 Rangers in the Grey Company and this has been done for the game as 30 simply was not enough, but before the journey ends, Rudder explains that their numbers will dwindle and there will be 30 Rangers and the Sons of Elrond as it was in the books.

There are a number of people and creatures in Enedwaith and not all follow Saruman. This allows for a lot of opportunities to add story and quests for players to become involved in as they adventure through the region.

Not every Dunlending blindly follows Saruman the White. Many of the White Hand invasion force realized they were throwing their lives and the lives of their kinsfolk away for a war which did not benefit them. These warriors broke from the main force and returned south, but now dwell as little more than brigands in the wild, outcast from their clans.

Check out the full developer diary to learn more about Enedwaith.

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