UBO: "Firecracker Invitational" Tournament

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"Firecracker Invitational" Tournament

A press release was issued today with the details of this upcoming event.
Ultimate Baseball Online 2007 Hosts "Firecracker Invitational" Tournament

What's More Patriotic on July 4th Than Beating Another Team in Virtual Baseball?

Diamond Bar, California -- Jun 26, 2007 -- Ultimate Baseball Online 2007 (UBO), the world's only massively multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) for baseball, today announced it is hosting its first Firecracker Invitational Tournament, pitting the best UBO teams from the East and the Western parts of the United States. The Firecracker Invitational will start on Monday, July 2, 2007 and continue till Wednesday, July 13, 2007. The three teams finishing first in the Major, All-Star, and Elite divisions will receive automatic bids to the Best of UBO 2007 Tournament.

The Best of UBO 2007 is a global event open to UBO players worldwide. 64 teams consisting of five to nine players will qualify during the year to compete in the tournament, which will run from November 26 to December 21, 2007. Each round will be a best-of-three series, and the championship round will be a best-of-five series. Members of the winning team in the Best of UBO 2007 Tournament will split a $4,500 cash prize. The second place team will take home $2,250, and third place will receive $1,125. Additional cash prizes will be paid to teams finishing through eighth place. Images are also available via download at the MMPR ftp site

About Ultimate Baseball Online 2007

UBO is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online sports game (MMOSG) where baseball enthusiasts and gamers compete in virtual stadiums. With stunning graphics and surround-sound audio reactions from the crowd, participants control customized characters for each position and compete together against other UBO gamers from around the world. Players create their own avatar to bat, pitch, field, run, and perform other baseball actions.

Participants can play individually, or join a team and participate in a variety of competitive events. Gamers create their own characters and build their skill level (player stats) through successful play on the field against other real human players. Unlike current video games that aim to simulate professional sports, UBO delivers a first-person perspective of a character, created and developed by the player, interacting online in real-time with teammates and opponents.

Ultimate Baseball Online

It's going, going, going gone!

The 2nd tournament for the 2008 season has been announced. Batter up!

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"Firecracker Invitational" Tournament

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo without the tequila for a change...

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