AoC Calls for Player Feedback in July "Letter from the Game Director"

By Stacy Jones -

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (AoC) Game Director Craig Morrison wants your feedback in a big way. In his July "Letter from the Game Director", Morrison has posted several surveys broken up to cover the various aspects of the game from raiding, general gameplay, guilds, PvP, and general questions. This is a great opportunity for players to offer their feedback, but Morrison admits that some of the surveys may be a bit lengthy and take some time to complete, so as an added incentive to completing the surveys, players that finish and have a valid AoC account and email will have their names entered into a random drawing to win an AoC life-time account.

To that end there is also a special incentive attached to completing the surveys. On August 15th we will hold a prize draw for all of those who completed a survey and provided their valid Age of Conan account email address. There will be one draw for each survey, so five separate draws (so if you complete each survey you will have five chances to win), with the prize being one life-time complimentary account to Age of Conan per draw (that complimentary time will start from whenever your current subscription period ends, or straight away if you arenÂ’t currently subscribing).

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