Microcosms: Dancing in the Desert – A Tale in the Desert Introduction

Posted Tue, Aug 03, 2010 by Medawky

When most gamers hear the term MMOG their thoughts turn to orcs, dwarves and dragons, but lately the genre has been moving away from fantasy and exploring new worlds. While diversity has become more common and accepted, most games still feature combat as their core game play element. A Tale in the Desert has been quietly bucking this trend for several years and Jason “Medawky” Bolton thought it was high time we took a look at this unique game.

I have shied away from most sandbox-style games since Star Wars: Galaxies, but now I may have to go back and give them a chance after playing ATitD. The level of influence you feel and the amount of cooperation here is hard to describe without experiencing it yourself. Everything from technology, to architecture, to art, culture and law are all player created and player driven.
Click here to explorethe world of ancient Egypt.

Make sure to pay your rent. Turbine is foreclosing on LOTRO houses that are past due and putting them back on the market.

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