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Posted Thu, Aug 05, 2010 by Medawky

Community is a pillar that will hold a game up through all sorts of adversity, and it is with this aspect that I see the most potential growth in CrimeCraft. Gangs form the base of this pillar and the additions that Vogster has implemented reinforced the power of strength in numbers. Gangs can now own and operate their own clubs, where they can gather and meet to watch scantily clad females dance on poles, sell top end boosts (in the form of beverages from a bartender), listen to blaring music or get a private lap dance. Top end gangs, those who can craft the best boosts, can post a hefty cover charge for the ability to access these stat-increasing elixirs. Gang leaders can now challenge other gangs to a war for bragging rights and cash. Imagine settling a beef with a rival guild in your current game in this fashion. (Okay, now try imaging it without that grin on your face.) With even more plans in the works on how to strengthen gangs, this layer of the game will become the one that gives CrimeCraft the most bang for the buck.


Gang Clubs add an extra layer of depth to CrimeCraft.

Value is one area that I was most interested in and concerned with. In my writings here at Ten Ton Hammer I focus mainly on the free-to-play community and the games that make it up. One of my biggest barometers for long term playability is the tenet that no item that directly impacts gameplay should be available solely in the cash shop. On the flip side of that, I also believe that players should be able to buy worthwhile and interesting items to help customize and personalize their characters. While CrimeCraft shares these goals, they haven’t fleshed out the cash shop completely yet. While we washed the blood off our hands from our sanguine tour of Sunset City the talk quickly turned to the itemization plans and, based on that conversation, my biggest worry about the game was assuaged. Kevin was even good enough to forward me over a written plan of what the future holds and I want to share that with you:

Since CrimeCraft has moved to a true Free to Play model, we have been planning to implement a more extensive Black Market/Real Money Economy where players can choose greater options for character and game play for Gold Bars.  All items that are sold for Gold Bars in the Black Market can also be earned in game play through crafting and loot drops. Features that are sold for Gold Bars supplement the game play experience but are not critical or necessary to enjoying the core features of the game.

One feature sold for Gold Bars will be Pre-Sets. These are additional paper dolls, allowing multiple builds on the same character. A player could have a separate build for PVE and PVP, or for tournaments vs. everyday gaming. Players will be able to purchase a pre-set directly from the paper doll UI. This additional paper doll can be customized down to clothes, weapons, AUGs, Attachments, Abilities and Boosts. Players with presets are also given the ability to respawn as a different preset any time they die, allowing players to tactfully change their load-out to meet the changing demands of a battle.

We’ll also be selling the ability to remove Attachments and Weapon Modification Kits. Currently, players can remove these from their weapons, but the Attachment/WMK is destroyed in the process. From the Black Market Vendor, these can be removed with destroying the Attachment/WMK. Even better, players will be able to purchase Premium Weapon Repairs that completely restore the item and increase item durability back to its original value.

The Black Market vendor also will sell ingredient packs in each tier for all of the crafting professions. These packs will include five ingredients at tier 1 up to eight ingredients at tier 4. To really crank up the crafting, players will be able to purchase craft recipes and even a second crafting profession for their characters.

We will also continue to expand the way we are handling the cosmetic clothing purchases. We’ll be rolling out a variety of new clothing styles and a revised rolling availability for items that will make sure we are able to continuously add new content and new styles to the game while meeting our demanding technical goals for quality. Clothing styles will cycle through the game monthly with some items being Limited Edition to ensure that players will truly have their own unique style.

All Rarity 2 and 3 AUGs, weapons, clothes, attachments, ammo and boosts will also be available for Gold Bar purchase through the Black Market. Players will be able to craft these items and sell them on the Pawn Shop (Auction House) giving buyers the option to support their local crafter via in-game currency or buy directly off the Black Market for Gold Bars.

Our players have asked for more options on how to expand their game play experience and these changes should exceed expectations. We’ll continue to look for innovative ways to add to the game, whether through free content updates or through the continued addition of optional features that will only appeal to the hardcore player. Our goal is to make CrimeCraft a fun experience for ALL players with customized content for players who want it.

Keep in mind that these plans are still in a testing stage and are subject to change, but based on Vogster’s track record of implementing nearly every planned addition to date, I doubt this is an empty promise. With the the current additions alone taken into consideration, the game has improved by leaps and bounds over the version that shipped.


Lapdances start out racy and get more risque.

Mature gamers who enjoy gunplay, crafting, loads of competitive banter and half-naked gyrating bodies will easily find a home here. The only concern I have is that our inherent lack of patience as gamers may cause those folks who have formed a strong connection with their avatar to grow frustrated as they wait for more vanity items and more customization than is currently available. CrimeCraft is still evolving and coming into its own, but with the implementation of a stronger item shop and a bit of patience on the part of the playerbase this should be one more franchise to add to the growing example of high quality subscriptionless games.


Vogster launches the second expansion to CrimeCraft with GangWars along with a new exclusive Steam promo pack for the shooter.

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