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Personality and Immersion in Guild Wars 2

Posted Tue, Aug 10, 2010 by Xerin

Guild Wars 2 will have dialogue options with NPCs to develop your own personality, in-depth voice acting, and an impressive soundscape all to allow yourself to immerse into the game world. Yet, why haven't we seen this trend in every other MMOG and is all of it a good thing? Find out here at Ten Ton Hammer while we explore Personality and Immersion in Guild Wars 2.

Lastly, NPCs are autonomous and will say their lines to you no matter what your character may be. You may think of yourself as the most ruthless villain in the world but Sir Paladin of Awesome will still scream at you to help hold the line when the non-descript enemy #138 is making its final charge.

Personality and Immersion in GW2 goes into the details about voice acting, personality, and the soundscape of GW2. Be sure to stay tuned for more awesome coverage coming up.


ArenaNet announces several more big changes for GW2’s feature patch with several account-bound changes, free trait resets, and the removal of armor repair costs.

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ArenaNet unveils a new Wardrobe system and coming with Guild Wars 2’s feature update in April complete with dyes.

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ArenaNet outlines balance changes to critical damage, runes, sigils, and more coming in GW2’s April update.

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