New Mission and Reward Details Revealed for End of Nations

By Stacy Jones -

Ever wonder what kind of challenges you might face or rewards you might get in the upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations? A new section on the End of Nations website aims to answer these questions as it details the various mission types and some of the rewards players can earn by completing certain missions. One such reward is the advanced assault vehicle, which is awarded to players that complete the Operation: Raza Kaar mission. What better loot can you ask for in an MMORTS than a new unit?

This high-powered unit has a similar point cost to common assault vehicles, providing an exceptional boost to a playerÂ’s combat capability. Players stymied by one mission might complete Raza Kaar and find the advanced assault vehicle is just the edge they need to triumph where they struggled before.

Check out the new Missions page for more details.

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