Microcosms - Battle of the Immortals

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Perfect World Entertainment has been home to several successful free-to-play MMOGs, but their newest entry may be their most popular yet. Battle of the Immortals boasts impressive graphics and some very deep game mechanics, but are the associated costs to compete too high? Join Jason “Medawky” Bolton this week as he chronicles his journey to immortality.

While graphical excellence is nothing new to Asian imports, it’s a much rarer feat to experience gameplay that doesn’t feel like a grind. Battle of the Immortals is one of the exceptions to the rule. Not only does it offer a higher rate of experience for quests than most, but it even gives you a daily blast of free experience for doing nothing more than taking an extended AFK at the Tree of Life. Quests will lead you through the early game in its rather long “tutorial” phase allowing you to reach level 20 quickly. During the intro period you will become familiar with most of the core concepts, the three most important being Soul Gear, the pet system and mounts.
Do you want to live forever?
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