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Salvaging For Newbies In EVE Online - Page 3

Posted Mon, Aug 23, 2010 by Space Junkie

Varieties of Salvage

The following is a list of all the tech one varieties of salvage in EVE Online. Note that some are only obtainable from particular wrecks. For example, the two most profitable kinds of salvage as of this writing are the 'Alloyed Tritanium Bar' and 'Melted Capacitor Console' which are largely exclusive to Angel and Blood Raider NPC wrecks. Though it is likely that many player wrecks drop them as well, these are not primary sources.

EVE Online

Not all salvages are created equal. If you have a say in the matter, go after Angel or Blood Raider salvager.

  • Alloyed Tritanium Bar
  • Armor Plates
  • Broken Drone Transceiver
  • Burned Logic Circuit
  • Charred Micro Circuit
  • Conductive Polymer
  • Contaminated Lorentz Fluid
  • Contaminated Nanite Compound
  • Damaged Artificial Neural Network
  • Defective Current Pump
  • Fried Interface Circuit
  • Malfunctioning Shield Emitter
  • Melted Capacitor Console
  • Scorched Telemetry Processor
  • Smashed Trigger Unit
  • Tangled Power Circuit
  • Thruster Console
  • Tripped Power Circuit
  • Ward Console

Each type is used in the manufacture of different categories of rigs. If you are curious what you can make, there exists at least one online calculator into which you can enter your collected salvage, and it will tell you what it is possible to make with those ingredients.

Manufacturing Rigs

Rigs are an essential part of every ship's setup. They are easy to make, and the blueprints used in their manufacture are cheap to obtain. Rigs come in three sizes: small, used for frigates and destroyers; medium, used for cruisers, battlecruisers, and industrials; and large, used for battleships and capital vessels. There are also tech II rigs, which are manufacturable only with salvage obtained from the wrecks of tech II ships (or from certain exploration complexes). The blueprint copies used for tech two rigs are usually invented, though large tech two rig blueprints can sometimes be found in certain exploration sites.

Vertically integrating your supply chain will make a tidier profit than selling the raw salvage. My advice to you is to build up a stable of blueprints for salvage and to manufacture the most popular rigs, which can then be sold at a suitable location. Even if you are not looking to become a dedicated salvager, it is still a good idea to obtain blueprints for the rigs that you use yourself, on your own ships. This way as you slowly accumulate salvage, be it from running missions or otherwise, you can keep yourself supplied with rigs. It is sort of the next step up from making your own ammunition from mission loot. This is especially true for newer players, who tend to use smaller ships. The salvage ingredients used in small-sized rigs are so low that many of the rig blueprints do not even need to have material research in order to be profitable to use.

As of this writing, some of the most popular rigs include the following:

  • Medium Cargohold Optimization I - Used by nearly all industrials.
  • Large Trimark Armor Pump I - Used by many PvPers, which keeps the price pretty high.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Capacitor Control Circuit I - Used by pretty much everybody to make their ships more cap-stable.
  • Small and Medium Auxiliary Thrusters I - Probably the most commonly used module by players that wish to have fast ships.
  • Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I - Used on the covert ops ships that scour space for exploration sites.
  • Medium and Large Ancillary Current Router I - Useful for getting more powergrid on many ships.

As a final note, rigs are often the finishing touch on any particular ship setup. Many players will even forego their use until they come up against a particularly challenging mission or situation. For this reason, players are often willing to purchase rigs at a premium if they are conveniently located. Particularly with smaller rigs, prices can be fifty percent higher or more outside of a market hub system. In short, find a mission hub and sell there rather than in Jita.

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