Microcosms – Phoenix Rising: How Free-to-Play Will Save a Dying Genre

Updated Thu, Sep 02, 2010 by Medawky

When World of Warcraft unleashed MMOGs onto the masses many hailed it as the defining moment in the genre’s history, but it actually could have been its death knell. How could something so popular be a bad thing, and how does Jason “Medawky” Bolton really think that the oft maligned free-to-play could be a savior? Join us this week in Microcosms to find out

From the outside looking in the MMOG genre has never appeared to look healthier, but looks can be deceiving. Developers are launching new games at a record pace and overall subscription numbers are higher than ever before. Could the segment’s flagship franchise, World of Warcraft, which is credited with this unprecedented explosion in popularity, also be the cause of its ultimate demise? And if MMOGs really are on the verge of a decline, how could they possibly be saved by a segment vilified by the vast majority of players?

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