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Posted Thu, Sep 09, 2010 by Sardu

Guild Wars 2 Combat Interview

Ten Ton Hammer: So builds will really encompass quite a bit more in Guild Wars 2.

Izzy: There are a lot of pieces to it – there are attributes, traits, weapons, weapon swaps, utility skills, elites – so there’s a lot to it.

Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be any kind of equivalent to runes that you can apply to armor or even your weapons that will factor into that build aspect of your character?

Izzy: Runes in Guild Wars 1 kind of went hand in hand with your attribute choices. Traits are way more in depth – they’re more about manipulating the skills themselves. You almost kind of get to be a skill balancer and decide things like, “it would be really cool if this skill had less recharge” or “what if that skill did this” and you get to kind of manipulate things in that way and make things really cool. Of course it makes my job insane, but that’s what I love.

Ten Ton Hammer: With the weapon sets, say I have the ability to swap between an axe, dagger or scepter. Will I be able to keep obtaining new skills for each of those weapons as I progress throughout the game that I can then decide which skills I want to pair with each weapon from a larger pool? Or are weapon skills somewhat “locked in” so that no matter what level I am, if I have a dagger equipped I’ll always be using those same core dagger skills?

Izzy: Basically dagger skills are dagger skills, so they’ll always be the same. So once you’ve filled out the 3 core skills, you’re done obtaining them. No matter what dagger you equip, they’re always the same. Keep in mind that you can equip a dagger in the main hand or as an offhand, and those are different skills. But they’re always the same in that regard.

The things you can do with those skills do change with traits. So say the base dagger skill is a melee attack, you can equip a trait that will make it a ranged attack instead. But the way Guild Wars 2 is the dagger skills have a certain purpose, so all dagger skills will be those same three.

Ten Ton Hammer: So in terms of how that fits into your overall build, you won’t constantly be learning new weapon skills or relearning how your build will function when using those weapons, correct?

Izzy: Well, you do a little bit. Skills do get more powerful as you level up so you do have to learn the different tiers of those skills. So say with conditions, the skill will get better but it’s still causing the same condition. And that’s just a way that we can fluidly do leveling with our skills. It’s kind of the same with how we did attributes in the game. Instead of you doing things, your skills just naturally get better as you go out and experience more of the game.

Ten Ton Hammer: How soon do you expect you’ll be able to talk more about the PvP aspects of the game? Are there parts of that system you’d be able to share with our readers now?

Izzy: It’s something that we’re definitely very focused on. This demo was really more about giving everyone their very first experience, and we decided not to make that first experience about PvP because this way it’s a lot easier to show things.

But we’re dedicated to making PvP a very strong aspect of Guild Wars 2. We have teams working on it, and I’m definitely involved in every aspect of PvP, and it is something that we are focusing a lot of energy on. It’s not an afterthought, and it’s not something that we’re going to throw in piecemeal. From the very second of Guild Wars 2’s creation PvP has been on the books and thought about.

When we’re going to talk about it though? I don’t know. There are a lot of decisions behind that, and it comes down to when we can have it all visually together and ready to put out there. But I play it every day – it’s a lot of fun and it just keeps getting better and better.

Ten Ton Hammer: We’ve talked quite a bit about the traits system and weapon sets. What would you consider to be the other important or key aspects of combat that our readers would want to know about?

Izzy: I think one of the cool things is just that Guild Wars 2 is just a very different game. There’s a lot of action, and the combat has a lot of different pacing to it. You’ve seen a lot of videos around, but there’s a lot more to it. In the demos here are really keyed down to allow people to get into the game, to play it and get used to it. But there is a lot to this game.

This demo has got a lot more to it than even what you were able to get around to see. And we’re working on PvP and all sorts of different aspects of the game. But I really want people to know that there are hard things in the game, there is PvP in the game, and that there are a lot of different aspects to it.

The thing that’s amazing about this company and this game and the combat system, is that there’s so much potential, so many fun things, so many activities. The combat system is very fluid. It’s a lot of fun to roll around, there’s positional-based combat, and there’s a lot of interesting, fun activities. I’m just very excited about it, and I think it’s all going to lead to something that’s going to be very fun. I can’t wait until everybody gets to play it.

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