WoW: Karazhan Guide Updated - The Curator

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"Night at the Museum" this is not!

Our World of Warcraft Karazhan guide was updated with information and tips on how to tackle on the Curator! Wondered what to expect from him, or if you need lots of Arcane resist, or what your offtank should expect? Check out our guide for that and more!

"Select your main tank and hateful bolt offtank. These two must maintain high threat on the curator. Now, as you pull, all your DPS should focus on the flares he summons, while waiting for it to run out of mana. After a few spawns, the curator will enter evocation mode. Finish off all remaining flares and dps him as hard as you can during this phase."

Make the curator a relic with this helpful guide at WoW - Ten Ton Hammer!

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