WoW: Karazhan Guide Updated - Shade of Aran

Posted Mon, Jul 09, 2007 by Ethec

Heat it up in the Shade!

World of Warcraft players - having trouble fighting the Shade of Aran in Karazhan? don't know exactly how Flamewreath works, or how his Blizzard has been killing off your raid? Check out our newly updated Karazhan Guide with all the information you need to fight this boss!

"Spread your raid out, and have your melee take turns interrupting his normal casts except for Arcane Missiles, since this is easily healable. Go all out, since the Shade of Aran is mostly untankable in the fact he will be attacking random people in the raid, just have them proceed normally and do their best from the start. Aran should be fought at the middle by Melee."

You find tips on the Shade of Aran encounter and plenty more at WoW - TenTon Hammer!

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