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Certain objects in the world can be picked up and carried by the player to be used as a weapon. To pick an object up, approach it and press the [F] key when in range. Upon doing so, your skill bar will automatically swap in any new skills associated with holding that object.

Guild Wars 2 Objects as Weapons

In the example shown above, the player had picked up a Jar of Bees which can then be thrown at enemies to do AoE damage. Once the jar is thrown, the skillbar will automatically swap back to the normal core skills for your equipped weapon set.

Certain stationary objects can also be used in a similar manner, such as the cannons and mortars used in the dynamic event fight against The Shatterer as seen below. In this example, should the flow of battle turn in the favor of The Shatterer's minions, it's possible that they could push the fight back far enough to destroy the cannons and mortars. Should this happen, it begins another event chain where players are tasked with escorting a supply train into the area. Doing so will give them the ability to fix the cannons allowing them to be used again during the event.

GW2 Shatterer Event


While full details on the different ways weapons can be customized are currently unavailable, there are certain ways in which their base functionality can be altered.

The first of these is due to Environmental Factors and will happen automatically so long as the environmental conditions are met. For example, in the image to the left below, the Ghastly Dagger has +10 Life Gain on Hit during the daytime, while that same weapon will instead grant the user a +10 Life Steal on Hit during at night.

A second, indirect way that weapons can be customized is through Traits. Slotting different traits for your weapon-based skills can alter the base functionality of those skills. In the image to the right above you will see an example of the traits window for a Ranger, with the ability to use traits for each of their weapons shown.

Guild Wars 2 Achievement Categories


Achievements in Guild Wars 2 are earned per account rather than for each individual character. This allows you to earn all of the achievements in categories such as Weapon Master which has specific achievements that can be earned for each weapon type in the game. For example, you may earn the Staff achievements on an elementalist, those for the Scepter on a necromancer and the Sword achievements on a warrior and they will all show up no matter which character you're currently logged in with.

There are currently a total of 48 Weapon Master achievements. Each of the 16 types of weapons has 3 distinct tiers that can be earned by using specific skills for that weapon. Your progress towards each can be seen by opening the Hero [H] window and clicking on the fourth tab at the top as seen in the image to the right above. You can also view the achievement progress for anyone on your friend's list by selecting them from the drop-down list seen at the top right of the window.

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