EverQuest Zone Preview Delves into the Mind of Cazic Thule

Posted Fri, Oct 01, 2010 by Martuk

EverQuest (EQ) veterans will remember Cazic Thule, the god of fear. Even more so, older players will remember the nightmarish raid entrance know as the Plane of Fear. Any old EQ veteran that was around back in the earlier days can tell you a good horror story or two about just trying to get into that accursed place. But in EQ's 17th expansion, House of Thule, the god of fear is trapped in a dream state by his own son and players will have the chance to explore the twisted mind of the sleeping god that gave us the terror know as the Plane of Fear entrance. In the latest zone preview for the expansion, Sony Online Entertainment offers a look at what awaits players in the mind of Cazic Thule.

As adventurers explore this version of Cazic's realm, they will note that in this version of reality, Cazic Thule reigns supreme. He is victorious against all opponents. How then, to wake him from the dream? And what will adventurers find when they do?


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