Wizard101 Announces October Events and Expansion

Posted Wed, Oct 06, 2010 by Martuk

October is well known for the celebration of Halloween, but Wizard101 has its own plans. In the game's latest newsletter, KingsIsle Entertainment announced their big plans for this month, which includes the launch of the new underwater world of Celestia, an area that players can catch a glimpse of in-game via the Selena Gomez quest

But Celestia isn't the only thing wizards have to look forward to. Spooky Bob and Jack Hallow will appear in the Ravenwood Commons with new tasks for players to undertake in celebration of Hallowe'en.

Jack Hallow will appear in the Ravenwood Commons, and he has special quests for young Wizards. A new mysterious tower will appear in Ravenwood that Jack will ask you to explore. Please note if you completed these quests during the last Hallowe'en event, you will not be offered these quests again, but you can still enter the tower in Ravenwood.

Check out Wizard101 October Newsletter for more details.


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