Perfect World Entertainment Unveils CORE Connect Social Network

Posted Thu, Oct 07, 2010 by Martuk

It's no secret that social networking is slowly integrating itself into our online gaming. But Perfect World Entertainment has sped up its own integration efforts with the recent release of CORE Connect, a social networking platform aimed at connecting players across Perfect Worlds library of games, which include Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Prefect World International, Jade Dynasty and more. CORE Connect features several social networking tools such as guild pages, a profile system, an achievement system and even Facebook connect.

The aim of CORE Connect is to make it easier for players to share their gaming experiences and connect with other gamers," said Jonathan Belliss, Marketing Director for Perfect World Entertainment Inc. "CORE Connect is a cornerstone of our continually evolving publishing platform."

Check out the official press release for more CORE Connect details.

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