The Last Whiskey Bar - An Exclusive First Look at the Charr Arena Event in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 - Charr Arena Event

One of the defining gameplay elements in Guild Wars 2, dynamic events have already begun to have a dramatic impact on how we look at MMOGs. At New York Comic Con, Ethec was treated to some hands-on time with one of the numerous events found in the Dragonbrand region. While The Last Whiskey Bar may not be on the scale of Steeleye Span or The Shatterer, this charr arena event certainly packs a mean punch and will no doubt become a favorite destination of mid-level players looking to blow off some steam.

The setting is something out of Mad Max, an open air metallic Thunderdome sans the dome. Waves of mobs enter through either a gate or come down via a ramp, meaning you don't want to get caught looking in one direction as the waves begin to roll in. I stuck around for two waves, one of which was beasty, one was branded charr. The encounters consisted of waves of 5-7 enemies each and were fairly short-lived. I was feeling pretty good about myself until Martin noted that I was a level 47 fighting level 43 mobs.

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