Design Philosophy and the Endgame – An Exclusive Guild Wars 2 Interview with Eric Flannum

While ArenaNet may not have had the same kind of massive floor presence as it did for gamescom and PAX Prime, the developer nonetheless still managed to make a huge splash with Guild Wars 2 at New York Comic Con 2010. During the event we had the opportunity to sit down with Lead Designer Eric Flannum to discuss some of the design philosophy behind Guild Wars 2, including an interesting look at how crafting will fit into the game and what players can expect once they’ve reached the level cap.

Ten Ton Hammer: Each of the playable races will also have a unique home city, but will there also be a neutral city that serves somewhat as a gathering nexus for players regardless of which race they chose for their characters?

Eric: Yep, that’s Lion’s Arch. At about level 30 everybody’s personal story leads them to Lion’s Arch. It’s the city that we expect will be the main gathering point for players in the world kind of in the same way that Lion’s Arch is in Prophecies, so we’re building it with that in mind.

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