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Posted Wed, Oct 10, 2012 by Mem

Updated for Mists of Pandaria

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Class Basics

Each class in World of Warcraft has its own best way to reforge the stats on their gear. To help you get the most out of your gear you need to look at the gear that you have and reforge it to maximize its benefit to you. To do this you first need to understand which stats provide the most benefit for your class and spec.

After all, each class plays differently than the others and therefore has its own custom list of priorities. You then reforge based on that list of priorities and almost always take the lowest level priority and reforge it to the top priority on your gear.

Stats with Caps

Keep in mind that for any stats that have caps, you need to aim to hit the cap exactly and not waste points. This means looking at all of your gear before you start reforging and look for the items that when reforged will give you the soft cap exactly or just over. However, you need to keep in mind that you don’t want to move too far up the priority list just to keep from going over the cap. You still want to realistically only take the lowest one or two stats to reforge.

Sometimes you will even have so much of a cap item, like hit, that despite it being your most important stat, you will end up reforging out of it to the next stat on your list. This happens mainly at higher gear levels where you can end up with significantly more hit than you need.

Advanced Class Reforging

Now that you know the basics for your class/spec combination, realize that as noted above there will be exceptions. The few most common exceptions are for tanks regarding hit and expertise, and for casters and haste break points (sometimes alternatively called thresholds or plateaus).

Tanks are a tricky topic since it really depends who you talk to. Many players still insist on reaching hit and expertise cap, while others feel it is useless unless you are having threat issues. This is really a personal preference based on your own personal bias, unless you are in fact losing threat in fights and it is not due to DPS starting before you do. When you start losing threat due to poor generation then you must cap hit and expertise.

For many casters haste is a high priority stat, however, due to the way haste affects spells more is not always better. This is due to what is referred to as break points, where you gain extra ticks on your HOTs or DOTs.

Using a Warlock as an example, haste is the highest priority after reaching hit cap, with crit coming after it. However, the haste break points for their corruption spell at level 85 was 1067 and 3200. So if this was the only DOT they had, haste would be a priority until they reach 1067, and then not again until they were capable of reaching 3200 for the extra tick, until then they would be better off reforging into crit. Obviously Warlocks have other DOTs with other break points, but you should get the idea.

To figure out all your break points on spells check out our guide – Haste Explained: How it affects HOTs and DOTs .

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