Runes of Magic Prepares to Unleash the Colossus

By Stacy Jones -

Runes of Magic players will soon find themselves face to face with a mythical Colossus. New details about the free-to-play MMORPG's next update have emerged and it not only brings a giant creature for players to challenge, but also expands the region of the Southern Janost Forest.

Soon we shall unleash the next content update, opening up a new area for you to explore. In the remote confines of the Southern Janost Forest, new enemies await. Among the many additions that you might encounter is the new world boss, Amboriar; lying unanimated for thousands of years, Amboriar has awoken. It will be up to you to keep the powerful Amboriar from falling under the control of dark forces and wreaking havoc on Zandorya.

You can learn more about the next content update on the Runes of Magic website.

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