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Guild Wars Update Notes

Posted Fri, Jun 10, 2005 by Boomjack

No monthly fee and updates for free.
The folks at NCSoft / ArenaNET have posted the list of changes that are coming to Guild Wars. They wrote something that looks a lot like this:

"This week, as part of our in continuing promise to keep Guild Wars free of hacks, cheats, and other exploits, we closed the accounts of more than 100 users of bots. With today's update we are taking further steps to address the bot problem. New changes will improve our ability to identify and ban users of bots, rebalance mission areas that were highly exploited by bots, and reduce the overall effectiveness of bots, exploits, and other highly repetitive forms of gold and item farming. We are taking these steps to improve the game for all players, so that people using bots to farm gold cannot generate a huge influx of new gold into the economy, which increases prices for everyone and encourages other players to engage in repetitive farming just to keep up."

You can read the entire Guild Wars Game Update Notes at The Official Site.
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