Hands-On with the Diablo III Demon Hunter

By Reuben Waters -

Our very own Sardu was in Anaheim this weekend for BlizzCon 2010 and was there for the unveiling of the 5th Diablo character class, the Demon Hunter. After the announcement he made his way over to the play area to get a chance to test out this class hands on. What he found is an interesting hybrid of a WoW rogue and hunter, yet something that still retains its own unique identity within the D3 setting. Check out his complete Hands-On with the Diablo III Demon Hunter, check out the screen shots, and then chime in on the forums with your take on the class.

The demo that was set up for the ‘con seemed to be custom tailored to giving players a chance to experience numerous gameplay elements in one pass, with a notably high drop rate of rare items throughout the Hall of Agony. For example, as the demo began your character is close to hitting level 10, which happens a few minutes into the dungeon and gives you a chance to see what options become available upon leveling up.

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