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LotRO Captain Guide




Buffs and Staying Alive

The Captain is a motivating foce in battle, inspiring his allies to great deeds and bolstering their confidence with inspiring speeches and heroic deeds of bravery and self-sacrifice.

A Captain trying not to die

Agarochir is less impressed by the Mighty Hammer of Awesomeness than the Captain had hoped..

  • Tactic: On Guard - A single-target buff that increases the recipient's parry rating. Best used on tanks to help them avoid taking damage. Only one tactic can be active on a character at a time.

  • Tactic: Relentless Attack - A single-target buff that increases melee, ranged and tactical critical rating. The obvious use of this buff is on the group's DPSers, but it is also good for healers, who can hit critical heals more often with an increased tactical crit rating.

  • Tactic: Focus -A single-target buff that increases the recipient's in-combat power regeneration. This one works on pretty much any class type for prolonged battles where power may be an issue.

  • Motivating Speech - A rousing speech that increases the entire fellowship's maximum morale by 5%. This skill also affects pets.

  • Make Haste - Increase the group's run speed by 25%.

  • In Harm's Way - The courageous Captain sacrifices his own body for the safety of his allies, taking half the damage infilicted on them upon himself.

  • Last Stand - The Captain cannot be killed for a few seconds. The trait Defiance makes this skill last 10 seconds longer and heals the Captain when it expires. When used in conjunction with In Harm's Way, this skill duo can turn a failing fight around and swing it back into the favor of the Captain's group.

  • Muster Courage - Removes up to 3 fear debuffs on all allies within 30 meters and significantly increases fear resist rating for 30 seconds. This skill is vastly superior to potions and the Minstrel's Cure Fear skill, and can be further improved by the trait Strength from Within, which causes it to function as a self-heal in addition to the other effects. However, equipping this trait bars the summoning of heralds or archers.

  • Withdraw - This skill instantly decreases the Captain's threat against all enemies within 10 meters, and causes the Captain to do 30% less damage for 30 seconds. Upgraded at level 62 to Fighting Withdrawal, which removes teh damage penalty and causes attacks to generate less threat for the duration of the buff.

  • Time of Need - This skill costs a bit of morale to use, and puts the Captain in a battle-ready state and grants a defeat response. The trait Composure causes this skill to reset the cooldowns on defeat-response "cry" skills and on Shadow's Lament.

  • Shield of the Dunedain - A legendary skill attainable at level 39 by collecting book pages. A selected companion shrugs off 75% of incoming melee, ranged and tactical damage, but at a significant cost to power.

  • In Defense of Middle-Earth - A legendary skill attainable at level 45 by completing both class quests. This powerful buff increases Might, Vitality, Agility, Will and Fate for all members of the fellowship within 15 meters for 5 minutes, and has a 1-minute cooldown, making it virtually perpetual.

  • Command Respect - Perhaps one of the most powerful Captain buffs; causes all nearby free people to kneel in obeisance.


Healing Skills

With a broad array of healing skills, even Captains not traited specifically for the task can make excellent off-healers to supplement a belabored Minstrel or Runekeeper. And unlike Minnies and RK's, the Captain's heals do not have inductions. In addition to the skills listed here, a number of skills detailed in the preceding lists have healing components.

A Captain healing an ally

" I was like BOOM! And he was all AAARRGH!"

  • Words of Courage - A burst heal followed by a heal-over-time. This skill cannot be used by a Captain on himself, and costs a bit of morale in addition to power.

  • Valiant Strike - The Captain whups on his opponent in a manner that impresses, amuses or otherwise titilates his allies, doing damage to the enemy while restoring his group's morale. The Hands of Healing capstone legendary trait gives this skill a strong heal-over-time and reduces the cooldown.

  • Escape from Darkness - Revives a fallen target, restoring them to 50% morale and 25% power. This skill can be used in combat, but has a 4-second induction that can be interrupted. The trait Blood of Numenor causes this skill to revive fallen allies with full morale and power.

  • Cry of Vengeance - Revives a nearby ally with 20% morale and 15% power, and applies a massive buff to all allies within 10 meters. The buff boosts Might, Vitality, Agility, Will and Fate by a large amount, reduces atttack duration by 25% and increases armour value.


Class Tools

Captains don't get a lot of special tools, but the ones they do get are pretty nifty

A Captain with his standard

Trying in vain to impress his standard

  • Armaments - These items can be purchased from the Captain class trainer, or better versions can be crafted by tailors, and they go in the ranged slot on the equipment panel. Armaments improve summoned heralds and archers, increasing armor rating and changing the appearance of the summoned ally. If a herald is already summoned when the armament is equipped, the herald must be dismissed and re-summoned for the armament bonuses to take effect. Crafted armaments are markedly better than the standard armaments purchased from the class trainer. This tool cannot be used in combat.

  • Standards - Standards replace heralds with a non-moving banner that the Captain plants in the ground. Basic standards can be purchased from Captain class trainers, and much better ones can be crafted by tailors. Unlike armaments, standards can be used in battle. These also go in the ranged slot on the equipment panel, and the Captain can use either a standard or an armament - not both. The buffs from standards are more powerful than those from summoned heralds, but they do not move or attack.

  • Rallying Horn - This can be purchased from the Captain's class trainer and functions identically to the mustering horns stationed outside of instances throughout Middle-Earth. The Captain uses the horn, selects the name of the desired ally from the drop-down list and summons that ally to the Captain's side. Summoning in this fashion requires the summonee to consume 5 travelling rations.


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