Lineage Reactivation Weekend Coincides with New Content Update

By Stacy Jones -

Lineage is one of the older MMORPGs that have managed to survive the test of time and keep thriving in a very saturated MMOG market. NCsoft hasn't slowed down on content production for the game and there's a big one scheduled to deploy on November 10th with the Tikal+Antharas update. Former players will have a chance to return and check the game's new content out for free from November 10th through November 24th.

The update features the new Crack of Time: Tikal Dungeon, a revamp to Giran Dungeon, the first instanced raid for Lineage with the dragon Antharas, new rewards and much more. There will also be new pets and dolls for players to collect. Check out the full list of patch notes for all the details.


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