World of Tanks Reaches a Half Million Active Players

Tanks for the Memories

Blowing things up with big tanks proves appealing to players.

There's something attractive about having a heavily armored death machine at your disposal that just seems to attract gamers. has utilized this aspect with their team-based, armored warfare massively multiplayer online action game, World of Tanks, which recently surpassed 500,000 active players with more than 700,000 registered. today announced that the population of its highly anticipated free-to-play MMO action game World of Tanks reached 500,000 active players worldwide. The game was released 3 months ago in Russia and reached 350,000 active players (500,000 registrations). In the USA and Europe World of Tanks is still in Closed Beta Test having 150,000 active players (200,000 registrations).

World of Tanks is currently in closed beta in North America and Europe. Interested beta applicants can sign up via the official World of Tanks website.

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